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for their green meadows, forests and blue lakes. In addition, Karpaty region offers bright colors, aromas of herbs and flowers, as well as fishing and gathering of berries or mushrooms. Horseback riding is also one of the most popular and thrilling activities that one can engage in while visiting Karpaty.

Chans in the Gorgan - healing "Carpathian jacuzzi"

New Year in the Karpaty

5 November 2021
New Year in the Karpaty

New Year in the Karpaty, many of us begin to plan well before the month of December. We imagine this holyday with anticipation of all the details and look forward to the night, which we love since childhood.

Karpaty Mountains are beautiful at any time of the year. But in the wintertime they are particularly attractive. Covered with a blanket of snow, sparkling in the rays of inhospitable winter sun peaks beckon us to come explore them. After spending a New Year in the Karpaty, people will never be able trade this corner of the earth for any other destination.

Well, in order to get the most out of your New Years in Karpaty, you should look no further than the resort hotel Gorgany in the village of Yablunytsya. (60 miles south of regional center Ivano-Frankivsk) After arriving here, you will find yourself in a real fairy tale called "The New Year in the Karpaty", leaving which you will not desire even after the actual holyday expires.

New Year's Eve with us - is, first and foremost, a pleasure of local traditions and our specially designed entertainment program. Our chefs will prepare professional extraordinary holiday dishes, both European and our national Hutsul cuisine. You will appreciate all that you want, and trust us, will not be disappointed.

So now when choosing a destination for New Year’s 2022, give a worthwhile consideration for Karpaty Mountains and Hotel Resort Gorgany, for our staff and directors are putting outmost effort to bring the maximum out of the most anticipated holyday of the year!   

For larger groups, our hotel offers a great mountain chalet –located on our premises.