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Chans in the Gorgan - healing "Carpathian jacuzzi"

Домашній затишок, готельний комфорт та карпатська гостинність

Come to the Carpathians in winter

Winter vacation in Karpaty

7 November 2019
Winter vacation in Karpaty

Winter vacation in Karpaty

Located in the Southwestern part of Ukraine, Karpaty are generally considered a true pearl of the Ukrainian people. The Karpaty mountains are part of the Alpine mountain system and border the old Czech, Polish, and Ukrainian massifs and Dobrudja, being separated from them by a band of young depressions—along the Morava River and Vistula River, the Sian Lowland and Dnister Lowland, the Subcarpathian Depression, and the Wallachian Depression.

Karpaty are a place of great vacation for families and friends, who wish to spend time in total seclusion with nature and traditions of that region. Individuals can engage in skiing or snowboarding. Our hotel offers private 350m slope for those who wish to teach children how to ski, or simply desire quiet skiing or snowboarding in Karpaty. We also offer rental of sleds for those who love Fun in the Snow type of family activity.

Individuals who crave a more extreme type of experience on the snow, can use one of our shuttles to reach Bukovel mountain resort –located only 5 miles from our hotel.

A great way to complete a day of fun in the snow, whether You where skiing, snowboarding or simply spending time on the fresh air, is to get into a cozy warm sauna and spend some quality winter evening near a fireplace, with those who are most important for You.

Whatever the choice of activity, Gorgany mountain resort is a great place to visit all year round, particularly during the winter months – which is when the mother nature spends most of its imagination and resources to decorate the beautiful slopes of Karpaty.