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Chans in the Gorgan - healing "Carpathian jacuzzi"

Домашній затишок, готельний комфорт та карпатська гостинність

Come to the Carpathians in winter

Gorgany Mountain Resort

Gorgany Mountain Resort

Gorgany Mountain Resort welcomes You, along with friends and family to a picturesque setting at Carpathian Mountains.

To assure a comfortable stay, we offer a wide range of rooms: economy, standard, luxury, and VIP, as well as standard and luxury cottages designed and crafted in a unique mountain style. Regardless of the rich variety of rooms, a comfortable stay amidst an all-around beauty in the heart of Ivano-Frankivsk region is guaranteed.

Gorgany Mountain Resort is situated 1,200 m (3,940 feet) above sea level, which allows for an unforgettable panoramic visual effect of being in the center of a crown made out of mountain peaks. Majority of our rooms offer great views of Ukraine's tallest mountain Goverla and the third-tallest Petros. Such panorama can be found in only a handful of resorts of the region. Covered by the powder-like clouds and illuminated by the sun just above, Karpaty mountains will trigger your admiration regardless of the season or the type of weather.